Container Corner Blocks

The provided container corner blocks are generally the strong corners of every shipping container. These blocks are the primary component of any shipping container as they permit it to be amalgamated with different containers both vertically and horizontally and vertically. Inferable to such properties, our corner blocks can be used with different transportation means comprising rail, road, and ship. When joining containers together our container corner blocks deliver the structural joining point that is demanded the numerous kinds of shipping container connectors, for example, weldable twisted locks, dual-ended twist locks, bridge clamps and much more. The offered container corner blocks permit dual corner castings to be joined together vertically as they are accessible in two basic kinds such as semi-automatic and manual.
Product Image (JJ)

Light Container Corner Block

Price: 1500 INR/Pair

Container corner block light

Product Image (BGM)

Heavy Container Corner Block

Container corner block (Heavy)